GMC24 AirDrop details

3 min readApr 25, 2021

Dear MoonCatRescue Community,

Since we first announced our $GMC24 sharding event, we have received a lot of excellent and helpful feedback from the community. We are excited to share the full details of the $GMC24 Community Airdrop below, as well as answers to common questions that have arisen regarding the airdrop.

Airdrop Info

As we outlined originally, we have reserved 4% of the $GMC24 supply, 400,000 tokens, for the MoonCat Community. Since there are over 4,500 eligible wallets, distributing these tokens to each individual wallet would lead to the accumulation of lots of ‘dust’ which would cost more in gas to trade than it is worth at launch. As a result, we have decided to instead perform a raffle amongst all eligible wallets, with 400 lucky winners receiving 1000 $GMC24 each.

This raffle and airdrop will take place shortly after the launch on Niftex. The ponderware devs have already taken a snapshot for us at block #12297638, and as long as you meet any one of the following criteria, your wallet will be eligible:

  • Held an unwrapped MoonCat on the adoption center
  • Held a MoonCat wrapped with the unofficial community wrapper
  • Held a MoonCat wrapped with the official ‘Acclimated MoonCat’ wrapper

Each wallet that met these criteria will be included in the upcoming raffle: No action is needed. Please note that if you did not own a MoonCat at the time of the snapshot, your wallet will not be included even if you purchase one now. You can check whether your wallet is included by viewing the full list of eligible wallets here: link

Raffle Process

In the interest of fairness and transparency for this raffle, we will use a Keccak hash, with input from RedCave Ventures, ponderware, and the community as a source of randomness to determine the winners. These sources of randomness will be:

  • A seed from RedCave Ventures
  • A seed from ponderware
  • The total number of members of the MoonCat community Discord as of April 26th, 2021 at 12:01am GMT or we will do voting and most voted answer on one of chosen questions will be used to generate community seed.

These three items will be input into a hash function to generate the final seed, which will be a function: keccak256(RCV_seed, ponderware_seed, community_seed). This seed will be used to select the 400 raffle-winners who are eligible to receive the 1000 $GMC24 airdrop each.

Once announced, we will make the airdrop available to the selected winners to claim for a period of two weeks. If there are any unclaimed $GMC24 at the conclusion of the claim period for the airdrop, we will find other methods of giving these tokens away, ensuring they are in the hands of the community: This may be a second raffle among the remaining wallets, or other forms of giveaways.

Airdrop and Raffle Timeline

Estimated time for airdrop 1–2 days after sale as both RedCave Ventures and ponderware team need to be ready for it. If it will be earlier we will let you know


I own a MoonCat, do I need to do anything to participate?

No. You will automatically be included in the raffle. Action will only be required for the raffle winners to claim their share of $GMC24 after the raffle has concluded. We will announce in the MoonCat discord once the claim site is up and running for the winners.

I owned MCAT20 or other tokenized forms of MoonCats, am I eligible?

Unfortunately we have only included wallets with at least one full untokenized MoonCat for our snapshot.

Why not distribute tokens to every MoonCat holder?

As mentioned above, if we chose to distribute tokens to all eligible wallets, each wallet would receive less than 100 $GMC24. The gas required to approve and trade this amount of the token would be equal to or greater than the value of the token itself. By making the value of the airdrop larger, we ensure that the winners can fully reap the benefits of the airdrop.

What about using the snapshot of people who voted in the burning decision?

Many people have purchased MoonCats since the original vote, and still others have since sold their cats. We want to give all current MoonCat holders an opportunity to participate, and therefore have used a more recent snapshot.

Is this an initiative from the devs?

No. While ponderware is supporting our initiative and we have allocated a portion of $GMC24 for ponderware as a thank-you, this initiative is led by RedCave Ventures.

As always, we want to thank both ponderware and the community for supporting our initiative, and we look forward to sharing $GMC24 with everyone!


RedCave Ventures